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How to Crypto Mining for Beginners Best 2022

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XWork – Bitcoin is an asset crypto which is currently popular. How to get Bitcoin can be done by mining or mining. Adapting from Knowing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency , crypto mining requires a special tool called an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). The tool is useful for mathematical calculations in the Bitcoin system.

The term mining or mining is just a parable. Digging Bitcoin means solving complex math problems. Therefore, the process of obtainingBitcoinThis is like mining for gold.
Solving the mathematical problem in question is in the form of an attempt to add new blocks in the Bitcoin transaction system or what is called blockchain.

How to Mining Crypto Bitcoin

Bitcoin has a high price because the amount that can be mined is limited, which is as many as 21 million Bitcoins. The amount currently circulating and successful in the mining process is 18.84 million bitcoins.

How to Mining Crypto Bitcoin

Here’s how to Crypto Mining Bitcoin through a computer device:

  1. Download software
    Download the GUIMiner software.
  2. Open the app
    Open the application, there are several popular mining pools, one of which is Slush.
  3. Register
    Then register on the page.
  4. Enter username and password
    Enter your username, password, and email.
  5. Verify the account
    Verify by clicking on the link sent to the email.
  6. Run the app
    Keep in mind, before running the GUIMiner application, create a worker so that Slush can monitor its performance.
  7. Done
    After worker registration, you can start the Bitcoin mining process through the GUIMiner application.

How to Mining Bitcoin Through the MinerGate Application

Minergate is an application used for mining crypto on PC. This application turns out to also provide an Android version, so it can be used via mobile phones. Here ‘s how to mine crypto through MinerGate :

  1. Download the Minergate app on the Google Play Store.
  2. Perform account registration.
  3. After creating an account, click on the Mining option. There are two options, namely mobile mining and buying cloud mining . Mobile mining uses a system on a smartphone chip, whereas buying cloud mining means you need to spend some money.
  4. Select one of the options above, then login to your account and start mining.
  5. If you are already logged in as a miner, you can choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to extract.

Please note, the higher the specifications of the cellphone used, the greater the opportunity to get Bitcoin.

How to Get Bitcoin with Other Methods

Crypto mining is the activity of adding transactions to the blockchain so that everyone can agree to the same set of transactions. Not only by mining, here are two:caraothers to earn Bitcoins.

1. Farming

Farming is useful for taking rewards with ownership of crypto assets. After getting these assets, you can generate other cryptocurrencies.
The way farming works is related to Liquidity Providers (LPs). LPs are tasked with providing coins in pairs with other coins and then used as liquidity in an exchange ( exchange ).

2. Staking

The way staking works is to store assets in a wallet that has this service. The investors’ assets are stored in the blockchain with a consensus Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm for a certain period of time.
The profit earned depends on the price, amount and activity of the locked crypto asset. Staking is considered suitable for investors who want to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies.


Well, if you are interested in exploring crypto trading then you must consider the factors that influence market trends. For example, when more people buy a certain product, the price usually goes up. On the other hand, when people sell more than they buy, the price tends to fall.

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