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Crypto Trading: 3 Understanding, How it Works, and Tips for Doing It Best

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XWork – Digitalization technology that is growing rapidly at this time also has a big impact in the investment world. This is proven by the increasing price of crypto. Currently, crypto trading is one of the most popular investment instruments because it is able to provide very fast profits.

But along with the very high profits that can be obtained, the risk of trading crypto is also very large. But this does not dampen the interest of many people to jump into this investment instrument.

Well, if you are interested in trading crypto, then we recommend knowing the concept of buying and selling digital currencies on this one so that you can avoid the risk of huge losses.

What is Crypto Trading?

Some of you must have heard the term stock trading in buying and selling shares. Well, crypto trading actually has the same meaning, the only difference is that the object of the transaction is in the form of cryptocurrency .

Actually, cryptocurrency itself exists because there is a blockchain and digital currency market in society. Some types of cryptocurrencies that are very well known until now are bitcoin, ethereum, dodge, etc. whose value can reach tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Every trader will carry out trading activities of the crypto assets they own. However, it must be underlined that crypto has a very high level of volatility and the market will always be open 7 x 24 hours. Of course, this is different from the stock market which will only be opened during working hours and will be closed on holidays and red dates.

That means, the value of assets contained in crypto will continue to change regardless of time and hour. If you want to dive into the world of crypto trading, then you have to be more diligent in monitoring price fluctuations, even at bedtime.

How to Invest Crypto Trading

Sourced from the Day Trading page , how to trade crypto is as follows:

1. Define Your Cryptocurrency

crypto trading If you want to become a crypto trader , then the first thing you have to do is decide what type of cryptocurrency you want to own.

But before choosing a cryptocurrency , you must first understand the trends in the market for the needs of price speculation. So that your price speculation is not wrong, it is better to use the services of a broker.

Generally, they will help you to prioritize the type of digital currency whose value is indeed experiencing a decline, so that the purchase price will be cheaper. But before having cryptocurrency you have to register on the exchange forum.

The official Day Trading page provides advice for newbies who are just starting out on the Bitmex app . This application is considered very practical and very friendly for new players in the world of crypto trading .

2. Enter Funds In Account

crypto trading To become a crypto trader , the next thing you have to do is to enter funds in the exchange forum . Later, you can use these funds for the needs of buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the market.

You don’t need to worry, all verification needs will be very important for the security of your account data.

3. Buy Cryptocurrency

Next, you just have to buy the cryptocurrencies that are currently available on the market. As we explained earlier, the best strategy for trading crypto is to buy an asset when the price is down and sell it again when the price is going up.

It should always be remembered that you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the demo account of the broker of your choice. However, you will not be able to do this on your exchange account .

Cryptocurrencies are actually more based on price speculation and not with owning the cryptocurrency coin itself.

4. Make a Sale and Purchase Transaction

When you already have crypto currency, then you should check its price development more often. In addition to monitoring trading movements directly, you can also read the latest news in various media related to the crypto currency you are buying.

The rise or fall of a cryptocurrency price will quickly spread, including on social media. When the value increases, then don’t hesitate to sell it immediately. This is of course different from other investment instruments, trading requires a very short time. That means, you should not buy the asset to be kept for a long period of time.

Beginner Mistakes When Trading Crypto

Although it is quite easy to do, sometimes there are still many traders who make mistakes when trading crypto. Usually, many of these mistakes are made by beginners who have not mastered the type of trading itself.

The following are some crypto trading mistakes that you should well avoid.

1. Give Up When You Feel Loss

According to the Coin Telegraph page , the most common mistake people make when trading crypto is to give up quickly when they feel a loss. This happens a lot among beginners. When experiencing a loss, their emotional level will be greatly affected.

2. Failure to Maintain Balance

The next mistake that many crypto traders make is failing to maintain a balance in their portfolio.

If this condition occurs, then they must immediately rebalance their portfolio, namely by returning the assets so that they are in accordance with the asset allocation target that had been planned by them in advance. Even so, it is very difficult to do, especially for beginners.

3. Taking Too Much Risk

Reporting from the Coin Silk page , the next mistake that many crypto traders make is taking too many risks. In the scope of crypto trading, every trader will usually have the thought of getting as much profit as possible.

As a result, sometimes they will take a lot of risks in order to get the maximum profit. This is considered very fatal, it can even cause great losses.

4. Too Often Go with the Flow

The last mistake that many crypto traders make is to follow trends in the market too often. Generally, traders who have high flying hours will stay away from assets that have too many fans.

This strategy is considered very smart. Why? because too long a focus on one asset will keep you away from other opportunities.

Crypto Trading Tips For Beginners

Crypto trading cannot be done easily, especially for beginners. The various tips that we will provide below may be able to help those of you who are just starting to get into the world of crypto trading.

1. Start with Small Capital

It’s okay if you are tempted by the many advantages obtained by other traders . But as a beginner, avoid big risks by investing a lot of capital. Instead, start with small capital first so that the risk of loss that you have to bear is also small.

2. Be Prepared in Facing Risk

As explained above that the value of cryptocurrencies will change at any time quickly. Because this digital market will continue to be open for 24 hours, it is possible that the value of the assets you have will drop drastically while you are sleeping. This is the kind of risk you should be prepared to face.

Don’t be surprised if you can experience losses even if it’s only for a few seconds. For that, you need experience and good instincts in trading crypto, because you have to be brave to play price speculation.

3. Don’t Give Up Easily When Prices Are Down

When the value of the assets you currently have is down, don’t get discouraged and just give up. Be patient in waiting for the value to increase. Then immediately sell right away if you are worried about losing. The key to success in crypto trading is knowing when it is the right time to buy and sell assets.


This is our full explanation of crypto trading, which is currently still a trend in the investment world. Whatever type of investment you want to make, be it long-term or short-term, you must first understand the disadvantages, advantages, and risks behind it.

Always remember the exact law that applies in the investment world, ” high risk, high return “. This law also applies in the business world. For that we need a good financial strategy, and the financial strategy can be made only by monitoring the financial statements.

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